Love Dot Com: The Social Experiment


Charneice Fox – Love Dot Com: The Social Experiment

Shelby Quinn (Brave Williams) is a Social Justice Food Warrior working to uplift her gentrifying community. Anything she puts her mind to gets done and she never waivers on what she believes is right. Greg Jeffries (Tobias Truvillion) is handsome, successful and happy with the life he has built for himself. A sought-after land developer who is helping to shape the city he grew up in, Greg believes in progress at all costs.What seems like a happy accident in the grocery store leads to a perfect “opposites attract” relationship that runs into issues of unfinished business and different priorities. With hilariously terrible advice from friends and self-doubt driving almost every decision, this complicated love story takes our hearts through the twists and turns of modern love and self-realization while exploring how community and corporate need to work together.
Genre: Comedy
Price: USD
Collection Price: USD

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