How Home Security Systems Operate



Even though police departments have grown, so has the incidence of crime, so it seems that a community just can’t police their way out of a crime wave either. This is why more and more people are now opting to have a home security system installed in their home or business. Another reason for the popularity of home security systems is that they have become far more affordable, as they have also become far more reliable at the same time. Wireless systems mean that there is no longer a phone line that can be cut, because they operate just like your cell phone, so there is no long any way to prevent the call going through to the security monitoring station if the home security system is tripped. The level of technology that goes into a home security system has also increased dramatically over the years and now high tech components are able to detect an intruder before they have actually reached the home or business. This is because high tech, ultra sensitive, body hidden body heat and motion detectors can be used to establish a thirty-five foot security perimeter on the outside of the residence. There is no worry about false alarms, because these state of the art sensors are calibrated to differentiate between animals such as dogs and cats and an actual human.Body heat and motion detectors are the components that make up a good part of a homes burglary protection but they aren’t all. That is because outside windows and doors will also have triggers on them that will trip the system if they are opened after the security system is activated. Other features of the modern home security system include a battery-pack back up power system that can operate the system for days on end if the power to the home is shut off and a simple one touch button device fits on your key chain for simple system activation and deactivation just like a cars alarm.Unlike a car alarm system though a homes alarm system can be accessed by telephone any time day or night to check up on your home and family. Other features of a modern home security system includes fire detection sensors that will automatically wake up the household and call the fire department if a fire should break out in the residence. Carbon monoxide detectors also completely eliminate the risk of death from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by  a faulty gas heater in the home.

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