Boot Camp: 3 Benefits of Attending



Everyone has heard about the boot camp style of classes and camps available today. Some look at this as an opportunity to get back in and stay motivated. Others have a little anxiety about the meeting and the instructor’s expectations. Before making a judgment call on this avenue for personal fitness or weight loss, consider three reasons to try out a class and incorporate it into a weekly routine.AccountabilityWho doesn’t have trouble making it to the gym alone on a regular basis? Staying motivated isn’t always easy day in and day out. Something comes up and the idea of going to workout just isn’t appealing. With boot camp classes, participants are accountable to other people. This type of class will not provide results for a person that shows up everyone once in a while to try and get in a tough workout. This is a commitment that needs to be consistent in order to obtain the benefits it offers.Some participants pay by the class, the week, or the session. While most classes tend to be pricey compared to a gym membership, the cost tends to serve as a motivator. If a person is paying for the class, he or she wants to be sure that they are getting their money’s worth. When it isn’t enough to be accountable to the instructor or the other participants, people want to be accountable with their money.CamaraderieParticipants in a boot camp class get to know each other. They work alongside each other consistently looking to push themselves to the next level of fitness. While the idea of a military-style workout isn’t completely accurate, the result is a group of people that are dedicated to work hard based on instructions provided by their leader. There is a no-nonsense attitude from participants and they begin to form a bond as they work hard and make improvements.Many consider these classes to be a social outlet. They are surrounded with people with similar goals and they understand that the only way to reach achievement is to work hard and keep going. Some have similar experiences; mothers looking to get back into shape, seniors looking to feel better and gain more energy in their everyday lives. All participants are looking to make an improvement inside them.Regaining ConfidenceIt’s obvious that an improvement in appearance is going to add confidence to people’s view of themselves. However boot camp tends to give people a sense of empowerment. They have taken control of their fitness goals and walked away with a taste of success. They look at other things in their lives and begin to see other goals that can be achieved. It can be an eye-opening experience and participants look to other aspects of their lives that need to “get in shape.”

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