Soccer throughout the year



passion for soccer does not reduce even in summer, when the league is over,
players are on their yacht or on a golden beach with a pretty girl waiting for
the training camp to start, and the TV only broadcasts more or less verified
transfer market news. Italians do not detoxify from soccer even on holiday, and
even when matches –at least the important ones- are over, they always find
something to hold onto: a test match, an indiscretion about the club, any kind
of news which can prevent them from disconnecting from their favourite sport.
Also the front page of sport newspapers, in summer, do not stop dealing with
soccer, succeeding in filling columns over columns about soccer, sometimes to
the detriment of some other less popular sport. This incapacity of
disconnecting from soccer is even stranger if you consider that with league
matches, minor leagues, Europa and Champions League, soccer is played, and
above all discussed, throughout the week, and if you also consider that the
period of inactivity is not very long: with the play-off and the play-out
matches of the minor leagues, and the European leagues preliminaries, people do
not even have the time to have withdrawal symptoms!

And what about
the national football team? Every two years, when the European, and above all
the World Cup take place, giving people the possibility to watch “real” matches
until mid-July, the collective soccer addiction is even  more widespread. Someone has already
highlighted that Italians unusually become very patriotic during the European
and World Cups, and hand on their heart and hugging each other feeling like
brothers, they sing out the national anthem all together, as if they really
were “ready to die” because “Italy has called” (as written in the anthem). The
summers Italians are more tied to are those when the World Cup takes place,
those summers which allow them to make a soccer immersion, with commentaries,
interviews and replies just as happens in winter, those summers when, if things
go well, you can go along the streets and celebrate, and there are no fights
between opposing sides.

After allPsychology Articles,
soccer is a game and a big chance to celebrate – besides being a passion that
is part of Italians’ collective memory – a game that Italians would never stop