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Racing is a game that races your blood with thrill and excitement. There are different types of racing of which Horse Racing tops the list both in a long history wise as well as the excitement that it brings. It is a game that is played widely across all regions and the rules, style and distance varies accordingly. But the enthusiasm remains the same all over. There are different special racing events conducted by different countries. Betting takes place and this too varies and the major ones are the Straight Bet (Bet to Win), Bet to Place and Bet to Show. And it is the win in these bets that matters and either earns you money or looses it. These bets are not placed blindly and one should not rely on sheer luck as it has only a miniature or no role to play here. For a bet to win there are many techniques that are adapted and there are many horse racing tips that are followed. These racing tips come from experts in the field who have a thorough knowledge of the game and understand the nuance of each of the racing horse on field, the jockey and the racing field itself. There are certain basic horse racing tips which when followed one can easily eliminate the major hurdle of loosing a bet. These are general in nature and can be and should be applied by all. Firstly, one should analyze every criterion before betting i.e. the horse, the jockey and the ground on which the racing is to be held. Blindly betting on a horse just because it is your favorite is surely not acceptable and will in no way bring you success.Secondly, gather all the information about a horse like the number of races it has run, number of wins and loses, is it still active on track or was off the track for some reason or the other. Thirdly, the experience of the jockey is quite crucial too. Collect the number of years of experience, his percentage win, the types of horse he is used to and now, when you would be betting what type of horse he would be on. Fourth is the track. This is a factor which many tend to overlook but it does play a significant role when seen in combination with a horse. Remember a horse may be quite fast on a lighter track and winning many races but when it is put on a heavy track it cannot perform in the same spectacular manner. So just going by the horse would not suffice. Never go by any assumptions and sudden instincts. They would almost be not the right decisions. Information and analysis and not assumptions are the key racing tips to win a horse race.These are some basic but major horse racing tips which need to be followed to make a strong foundation for betting and winning a race. Lady luck is sure to shower her blessings when you put on your efforts to understand and analyze.
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