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The first most important key to a successful super affiliate business is simply information. Knowing the ins and outs of affiliate marketing will save time and money of course but of utmost importance is when outsourcing services and knowing what to expect. After all, outsourcing many tasks is a key when stepping up from an everyday affiliate marketer to a BIg Dog super affiliate business.How to choose affiliate niches on the web with the most demand , least competing websites and high converting products ia an important key of course as well. This article will not get into all the details but deserves a separate posting. Suffice to say, selection of the categories is an area that you would not want to outsource unless people are just collecting research and website statistics for you. There are a few excellent membership sites where affiliate market research is done for you.The largest difference between successful super affiliates and less successful affiliates, is the amount of time put simply posting links or website banners, tracking results statistics and making adjustments. Less successful affiliates just post links or banners and count on bulk traffic to drive in sales. Successful big dog super affiliates work affiliate website programs like a professional business, and they receive professional results. They track their referrals with free and paid software. Results are monitored and adjustments are made, websites tweaked… learning what types of promotional ads work best on their affiliate websites. Their reactions are fast, before any trend effects the bottom line. Taking these small steps can make a huge difference in your own bottom line!Know your conversion rate and do not expect more sales if your targeted traffic and your numbers are saying something else as a low conversion rate. Affiliate sales are like any other type of sale, only a percentage of all prospects will convert into back end profits. However it’s also true that the better targeted and higher volume of traffic you bring in to your landing page, the more money you will end up making on the back end. Successful super affiliates refer as many buyers as they can–knowing that they can count on the percentages to work in their favor! They also understand not all campaigns are winning affiliate programs, and know when to understand affiliate metrics simply move on to a better converting affiliate product or service.Super affiliates often get paid even better because of the huge volumes they bring in. Companies reward them by giving them an even larger percent of the profits than normal Most of these ‘super affiliates’ have been very creative with the ways they market and refer traffic to the site, and can teach us all good lessons on increasing affiliate profits.Some create doorway pages and register them with search engines on relevant keywords to drive in large amounts of sales. Another Supper affiliate marketing technique is to create valuable reference pages on the subject matter of an affiliate program (technical details, reviews, testimonials, how to videos on you tube, etc…)and gotten many sites to link to them , and of course at the bottom is their affiliate link . Other Big Dog Super Affiliates have purchased keywords on cost per click providers such as and make money off by driving in large quantities of referrals that way. Thinking outside the box , not doing what everyone else is doing often leads to awesome profits.
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