Salmon Poisoning in Dogs


Salmon poisoning is a relatively uncommon condition.  However when it does strike, it can easily prove to be fatal.  If you think your dog has been affected, then it is vital for you to contact a veterinarian immediately since every bit of time will count.

This condition occurs when your dog eats a piece of raw fish such as trout or salmon.  The fish will have been affected with a parasite known as Nanophyetus salmincola.  Although this particular parasite is harmless itself it may be playing host to an organism known as Neorickettsia helminthoeca which causes the disease.

These organisms are found in various types of fish, both fresh water and saltwater.  Since these fish are found around the Pacific Ocean, dogs living in areas from California to Washington state may be affected if they happen to eat a piece of fish which has been infected.

After your dog has been infected with the organism that causes salmon poisoning in dogs, he will begin to show symptoms within seven days.  However, the symptoms sometimes do not show up until a month later.  If your dog is not treated, he can die from the condition.

Some of the symptoms include severe vomiting, fever, diarrhea with blood in it, and swollen lymph nodes.  It is common for canines to become dehydrated as well.  Other common symptoms include appetite loss and general weakness.

In order to determine if your dog has developed salmon poisoning your veterinarian will need to take a stool sample.  In some cases, the vet elects to get a sample of fluid from an affected lymph node.  Treatment will need to begin immediately upon diagnosis.

Treatment for this condition causes dehydration, anemia, and electrolyte imbalances.  Therefore, your dog may need to have a blood transfusion and IV fluids.  Antibiotics will also need to be used as well as deworming medication. 

Obviously, you will want to keep your dog from getting salmon poisoning in the first place.  If you live near the Pacific Ocean you will need to keep your dog from swimming in lakes, riversFree Reprint Articles, and streams.  You will also need to make sure he does not come across any pieces of raw fish in the garbage.  You will definitely need to avoid feeding your dog raw or undercooked fish directly.

Salmon poisoning in dogs is a very serious condition which can easily be fatal if you do not seek treatment soon enough.  If your dog starts exhibiting any of the previously mentioned symptoms make sure you get him checked out as soon as possible.