From The Orient Came Legends of a Miraculous King of Herbs


For over 2000 years stories were told of this magical herb that restored good health, endurance, energy and longevity to a few lucky people. A wise and powerful Chinese Emperor sent his best brigade out into the fields to search for dead & dying wild plum trees, from which this miraculous herb grew as a red mushroom. The troops could spot these colorful mushrooms, but the sad reality was that they were difficult to locate as the wild plum trees grew at random. When once these elusive red mushrooms needed an Emperor’s troops to be found, today from the Orient a new story is being told. Ten years ago in Malaysia a firm was created to bring the health benefits of the red mushroom to the general public. Thus the world’s largest organic plum tree orchard was begun so the red mushroom could be cultivated in abundance. This company had $130 million in sales from over 1 million customers in 22 countries, because this firm is marketing organically grown coffee from Brazil and the main ingredient is the red mushroom, whose properties as an adaptagen and an immunomodulator, grant us restorative powers. No, the coffee doesn’t taste like mushrooms. It’s delicious coffee, the world’s first Healthy coffee. Just establishing itself in Canada & USA, where most people drink 2 to 5 cups of coffee per day, this firm expects to reach $1 Billion in sales in 2 to 4 years. Can you see this as an opportunity for you and your family to start your own Healthy Coffee business?
You can have this for a fraction of what other coffee franchises would charge you. Some of them expect you to enter with about $400,000. Do you have $291 to get started with your own Healthy Coffee franchise? That’s what it takes to begin—$291. Now is the time to come in and build your business.
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