Truck Racing Around the World


From death defying  races on mountain resorts in Maine, to scrappy battles in sunny Australia. Truck racing is a must-see motorsport!

Truck Racing: A Different Kind of Spectacle

Truck racing makes for some of the most spectacular events in all of motorsport. There are huge waves of noise that rattle your eardrums as well as strong odours of fuel and singed rubber. And visually you can’t beat the sight of huge trucks spluttering to life, spewing smoke and debris in all directions. It’s a feast for the senses.

Truck racing may seem like a niche sport, but it is practised all over the world, and each event has its own distinct flavour and atmosphere. Here are some of the best trucking events from around the globe.

British Truck Racing Association Championships

The horsepower required to carry these beasts is overwhelming, and you’ll find no better display of cunning and skill than at the UK’s only national truck racing championship hosted by the foremost authority on truck racing.  When you watch these wheeled behemoths barrelling towards you, you’d be forgiven for taking an involuntary step back even from the safety of your steel barricades as these 5-tonne trucks reach up to 100mph! Races are performed all over the UK, at renowned circuits including Brands Hatch, and Donnington.

Red Bull Frozen Rush – USA

For a weekend every year, the River Ski resort in Maine swaps skis and snowboards for 900 horsepower engines and death-defying jumps. These audacious truck drivers brave the freezing cold temperatures in what is the only off-road Pro 4 truck race that takes place in the snow.

Fia Truck Racing Circuit in Europe

With races taking places in famous arenas all over Europe, such as Nürburgring, Le Mans, and the Red Bull Ring you’ll be in for an experience of a lifetime.  Witness the power of truck racing. See drivers battle inertia and momentum as their trucks slingshot around circuits as they navigate bends and fight to overtake each other.

These races are also a part of a wider event spectacle which can involve music acts and other entertainment. Fans can have opportunities to chat and get autographs with their favourite truck drivers during post-race sessions in an environment of comradely friendship.

Australian Super Truck Nationals

Featuring trucks that are under 3 tonnes and with a 7500cc engine build, the Australian Super Truck Nationals are characterised by speedier displays and physical battles. The narrow tracks are a catalyst for near misses, bumps and bruises, as trucks jab and prod one another to get an edge. Smoke trails and truck debris are frequent sights at these frantic races.

T1 Prima Truck Racing – India

In 2014, India started its foray into truck racing with the T1 Prima championship. This incredibly competitive championship is sponsored by FIA and has already garnered recognition from around the world for the quality of its races. It features 6 teams and over 20 racers in multiple categories. Renowned truck drivers from around the world take part and their enthusiastic participation has guaranteed a long future for this competition. 

With racing taking places all over the worldScience Articles, motorsport enthusiasts have plenty of opportunities to watch skilled truck drivers in action.