Treating yourself to a weekend getaway


It all
depends on with you are planning to do with your family, if your are the types
of family that likes to tire itself out by doing lots of activities then an
activity break is going to suite best.

adventure breaks to choose

holidays in Wales

is full of wonderful countryside that is perfect for exploring on bicycle. From
quiet country lanes to open sandy beaches, offering the perfect environment for
getting away form the hustle and bustle of city life. Plus this will have the
benefit of tiring out the kids that ensures you will have the night to enjoy without
disturbance. Maybe even get the chance to sneak in a glass or two of wine.


offers a wide variety of activities to keep even the most energy fuelled
families busy. From surfing, body boarding, archery to coastal walking. This
list is almost endless, and the benefits of being in Cornwall makes it more
likely that you will see some sunshine.


riding in the Yorkshire Dales is another wonderful thing to do with the family
for a weekend. Not only do you get to explore the beauty of Yorkshire you also
get the fun aspect of riding a horse. Kids will just love it. This type of
break is suitable to for beginners and expert riders both will be able to
benefit from exploring the open country side on horseback.


It is
not just mothers and daughter who will enjoy a relaxing spa breaks the boys can
have just as much fun. Some Spa locations are not overly child friendly so it
is best to contact any venue to ensure they will be able to cater for your
family. With so many hotels spa that have sprung up over the last 10 years you
there is plenty of choice out there.

All in

It is
going to be inevitably that when your kids get to a certain age that they are
simply not going to agree. Don’t worry a compromise between relaxation and
activity can be found. With some all inclusive resorts in the UK, Butlin’sArticle Submission,
centre pars and Potters Holidays spring to mind. These companies offer resorts
that contain spa and activities elements all at one location.