Are You Ready To Strike Out On Your Own?


Do you love a challenge?

Do you feel that you must, because the idea of not trying is infinitely worse than the idea of trying and failing?

Can you afford the risk? Do you have either a good backup plan, or is your present situation such that you don’t have real responsibilities (family, children, mortgage) to take care of?

If you do have these kinds of responsibilities does your plan allow you to continue in your present occupation until the new venture takes off?

Are you willing to fall down (fail) and get right back up again, brush yourself off and move on, perhaps several times before ultimately reaching your goals?

Are you willing to spend many long hours – for six months or more – doing potentially thankless work with
great enthusiasm for the potential it represents?

Are you flexible enough to change major parts of your perfectly laid out game plan on the fly if you need to?

Are you a self starter — independent thinker — able to continue to work vigorously regardless of what your critics may think of your plans?

Ask yourself these six questions and give absolutely honest answers.

If your answer is no to any one of
them, now is probably not be the time to get started with your own business.

While it takes quite a bit more than this to succeed with a new enterprise, these six things will make or break you from the beginning. Starting out is not nearly as easy as some would have you believe, but the rewards are greater than the efforts required to achieve them.

On the other handFeature Articles, if you can answer an absolute yes to all six questions – what are you waiting for?