A detailed view of Combat strategies



Scouting:•    There are many tanks which can act as scouts although some of the gamers think that light tanks only can perform the rear guard action.  Tank destroyers can also guard the team from the firepower of the opponents. •    With a long view range, it is possible to target the enemy without any hassles. Not only light tanks but heavy tanks can also provide a long viewing range to the gamers.•    Scouting is an interesting aspect of the game because the tanks act as scouts for revealing the enemy position so that the players can shoot and kill. The enemies will not be able to respond because they are unaware about the location of the opponents.•    It is important to understand the right time for scouting. If the enemy tanks are charging on to the base, the player should defend the tanks from the fire of the opponents. If the enemy locations are already known, one can sit in the base and wait for the opportune moment.•    One should have a prior count of the artillery members in the team because deficiency in the department might lead to a defeat by the enemy. One should hold back a little to align the friendly artillery in the game before proceeding to hit the enemy target.•    If you are besotted with the early rush, it is necessary for the crew to take position. The players must not walk into the base from the front, but try to spy from the sides which could provide more information about the loopholes of the enemy.  Whilst sweeping from the side, you are bound to meet fewer tanks that can be handled without any problem.  The player should not engage the tank with firing but let the artillery do the job. Movement in an unpredictable curve could continuously puzzle the enemy.Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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