Using counter RCIED in hostile environments


RCIED is an
abbreviation for Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device. A counter RCIED
is a device that may be used to jam the RCIED system and in the end prevent any
damage or terrorist attack that may have been intended by the RCIED. Currently
these jammers are on high demand by the military and paramilitary forces across
the world. By using an accurate threat analysis with the latest technology, a
functional counter RCIED measure can be provided. Updated information on any
kind of threats involving RCIED is always evaluated and the appropriate
antidotes developed in order to conquer the battle against the use of RCIEDs
which continue to offer ever increasing threats all over the world.
Currently the radio controlled improvised explosive devices are in use in very many areas across the world, and this has even been made to advance by the use of cellular phones which are nowadays used as the triggers for detonating the RCIED in addition to their common use, communication. This has made the use of RCIED the top most challenge that special units have to counter during operations in the field. This is why different companies have come up with customised jammers which are used for protecting these special units. These jammers use digital technology, are remote controlled, mobile, adjustable, combat ready and ruggedised making them effective as counter RCIED system.
Before the military and paramilitary going out to the field they are specially trained in order to enhance their knowledge on how to manage such experiences in hostile environments and volatile situations all over the world. Such trainings offer hands on practical situations that ensure all the subjects involved stay relevant to their roles as individuals or as a group in hostile environments. The reality of the risk is pointed out and the risk mitigated with providing solutions, instilling confidence and developing skills to those who may find themselves in such dangerous situations.

Since these RCIEDs are no longer being used for the purpose they were intended
for by their manufacturers, and because the perpetrators only know the
principle on how the explosives work, detecting and disarming the devices is
not easy. The developers of counter RCIED devices try to deduce what the
perpetrator exactly did and eventually disarm the devices. One very important
thing that a person developing a counter mechanism must understand is the
tactics employed by the RCIED operators so that the team or cordon troops are
not set up for an attack or walking into the trap himself.

Military forces in many countries are at the forefront in the efforts to find
countermeasures and such countries include Canada, India, the United Kingdom,
Spain, Israel and the United States since they have a direct experience with
terrorist attacks. Technological measures to counter the RCIEDs are part of the
solutions being used. In the hands of terrorists these devices threaten the
safety and major strategic interests of many countries. Traditional flat-footed
responses to such threats necessitated the urgency to fight back and seize
control by coming up with counter measures including the use or counter RCIED