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First and foremost, United States remained quite neutral during warfare drive as jumping in the battleground without any supreme view couldn’t strengthen American future. Though, there were numerous stimuli and outside pressures that continuously insisted United States to join the warriors’ club but it was a rather broader perspective both Republicans and Democrats had at that crucial time.
Another thing is that Germany was not a part of Treaty of Versailles but she opted for joining League of Nations on the other hand. Beyond all shadow of doubt, despite German psychosis to rule the roost by fair means or fouls she had really a good friendly relationship with United States. Thus, the friendly tone between Germany and United States surpassed everything and they both appeared as an inevitable part of League of Nations in the end.

The presence of France and Great Britain in the aforesaid was a true challenge for American mission to assure peace and friendship but joining the League of Nation was a daring step any American government could ever think of taking in even in the future politics.

Refusing to ratify the Treaty of Versailles put United States in a pure sticky situation as all eyes were looking on us to do the rest of the job. Even, many political gurus insisted then American government to acknowledge the Treaty of Versailles but result was quite the opposite. United States joined the League of Nations and won the million’s hearts through its sanguine approach.

In essence, United States’ refusal to ratify the Treaty of Versailles proved itself as one of the bold steps any nation have taken ever in world history. Even today United States is there for all peace and harmony in the present world and all its alliance with other nations stands to one reason: that is peace and nothing else.

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